UrbanMovement’s Ride Along with Homeless Coalition

Recently we at UrbanMovement were lucky enough to join The Homeless Coalition on a ride along.  Friday night in New York City and we were awarded the unique opportunity to see the city through the eyes of some pretty amazing individuals.  We also got the chance to meet individuals which the Homeless Coalition helps on a ccontinuous basis and without it’s services would find themselves in dire circumstances.  The above video touches on the lighter sides and provides a brief glimpse of the evening.

Enjoy and thank you Coalition For the Homeless and Crossroads.

Urban Movement Ray’s Dream

Ray is a homeless individual on the streets of New York City.  At first glance you may overlook the individual that is Ray, however if you sit and listen to Ray you’ll see that he is a brilliant, well spoken individual that unfortunately fell victim to alcoholism.   Ray was my first interview and I must say I was quite surprised and intrigued.  Hopefully you will be to.